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Asian Restaurants

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Orange Moon
Ramova 5, Prague 1, Tel. 222 325 119,


Fantastic pan-Asian cuisine featuring favourite dishes from Thailand, Burma and India.The interiors are appropriately Asian, non-descript and tasteful; glowing with warm colors and dark polished wood. The presentation is immaculate. This restaurant is highly recommended.

Navratilova 10, Prague 1, Tel. 296 233 102/3,



Here there is relaxed seating to the front of the premises and private rooms to the rear. You don't need to have acquired a taste for obscure Japanese food as some of it is geared towards western tastes. The food here isn't cheap.

The Sushi Bar
Zborovska 49, Prague 1, Tel. 603 244 882



On the Mala Strana side of Prague only metres from the river. For a sushi diehard, this is one of the few Sushi bars worth visiting. To fill up on small pieces of fish and rice takes time and money - but if you're a fan of Sushi you already know that. The space is small and neat, the service good and you can even buy fresh Sushi in the shop next door.


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