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Irish Restaurants


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Staromestka nam. 10, Prague 1, Tel. 224 828 031



This friendly bar and restaurant is home to many expats and welcomes new comers. The food is from the heart and is prepared with care. Try the steaks with baked potatoes and a fine glass of Guinness.


Molly Malone's Irish Pub
U Obencniho dvora 4, Prague 1, Tel. 224 818 851,



Molly Malone’s has all the charm you would expect from a traditional Irish Pub. The combination of the food and drink, not to mention the roaring fire in the winter, will have you returning again and again. Come and enjoy the regularly updated menu (pies, casseroles and stews in the winter; salads and lighter dishes in the summer) and sit back and enjoy a perfect pint! The food is tasty and the cheery atmosphere would satisfy any traveller.

J J Murphy's
Trziste 4, Prague 1, Tel. 257 535 575



At J.J.'s you'll find Irish people, Irish drinks and a convivial Irish atmosphere. The favourite beer here is Guiness. The food is traditional pub fayre such as bangers and mash but they also have an authentic 'pudding' breakfasts. This is a good place to watch sports on screen too.

Martin's Irish Bar
Prokopskar 10, Prague 1, Tel. 257 533 666


While most of the Irish pubs in Prague are filled with Irish and English speaking tourists who want a little Irish flavour whilst in Prague, Martin's is more like a Czech version of an Irish pub run for Czechs by Czechs.

On the one hand it isn't nearly as 'authentic' as other places since the bar people don't have Irish accents. On the other hand you see an interesting interpretation of what the Czechs consider to be Irish and the kind of locals who want to drink their beer in such an environment.


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