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Sporkova 5
Prague 1
Tel: 257 533 964

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, on a cobblestone lane in Mala Strana is a great Greek restaurant for love birds who crave candlelight with their dinner. Faros has an authentic Greek ambiance and music and a good selection of starters. Try some Retsin or Ouzo with the delicious lamb.

Trziste 7
Prague 1
Tel: 257 530 163

"Neither in heaven nor on earth" someone was overheard saying in this intimate spot. The interior is designed with bright colouurs and is somewhat reminiscent of a boudour, albeit, a very elegant one. While the decor and name might suggest a French restaurant the Yugoslavian chef prepares lamb, veal and of course fish, in true Balkan style. They also serve dishes rarely found in this area such as octopus and shell fish.

Modra Reka
Manesova 13
Prague 2
Tel: 222 251 601

A tiny family-run restaurant, the space probably holds less than 20 people. The few who do manage to secure a table here are sure to enjoy some of the best Mediterranean cooking anywhere. If you're not sure what that even means by all means ask. The friendly staff will educate and recommend and make you feel as much as home as if you were in your Grandma's kitchen.

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