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About Us

ANDEL 3W Reservation Service is created in co-operation between ANDEL 3W A.m.b.A. and CoDan Agentura s.r.o. ANDEL 3W is the on-line part of the business. We write and maintain the Prague Guide. CoDan Agentura makes reservations for hotels, tickets, transfers and tours and has been operating in Prague since 1995. On the same premises as our offices there is a Scandinavian style cafe called 'Nordica' together with a small tourist information office and an organisation called Scandinavian House who provide cultural and leisure services for Scandinavians living in or visiting Prague.

ANDEL 3W also acts as consultants for business people who are interested in operating from the Czech Republic. It can save a lot of time and trouble to have the correct information from the beginning. We can help you by finding translators, making important introductions and conducting marketing surveys.

The purpose of this web-site is to encourage you to visit Prague and help you while you're here. We love this city and we'd like you to feel the same way about it.

Prague changes rapidly - just about anything can happen and often does! We do our best to keep track of all the details but help is appreciated. If your experience in a restaurant, hotel, club etc. is not what you expected, based on our guide, please email us at Your comments will be used to update the content of the web-site.



The Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock in the foreground


If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.