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Important Telephone

Ambulance 155
City Police 156
State Police 158
Fire Brigade 150
Emergency Roadside Service:
Zluty andele (‘Yellow Angels’) 1230
ABA (Autoklub Bohemia Assistance) 26 14 91
Directory Enquiries 1180/ 1181
Operator 133 002
CZ from abroad +420
Prague area code

24 Hour Pharmacies

Called ’Lekarna’ in Czech

Palackeho 5, Prague 1, tel. 224 946 982

Belgicka 37, Prague 2, tel. 222 519 731

Stefanikova 6, Prague 5, tel. 257 320 918

Medical Assistance

Medicover, Tyolovo namesti 3/15, Prague 2, tel. 234 630 111

Poliklinika Na Narodni, Narodni 9, Prague 1, 110 00, tel. 222 075120, (probably the most economical)

General Health Care Cooperative, Krakovska 8, Prague 1, tel. 222 211 206

Unicare Medical Centre, Na dlouhem lanu 11, Prague 6, 160 00, tel. 235 356 553,

Health Centre Prague, Vodickova 28, Prague 1, tel. 603 433 833 or 603 481 361 (24 hour service), (very close to Wenceslas Square)

Dental Emergencies

European Dental Centre, Wenceslas Square 33, Prague 1 (English, French, German, Russian and Czech spoken), 24 hour on call emergency service, tel. 224 228 994,

American Dental Associates, V Celnici 4, Prague 4, tel. 221 181 121, open: Mon – Thu 08:30 – 20:00, Fri 08:30 – 17:00, Sat 10:30 – 21:00,

Lost Credit Cards

It’s a good idea to take photocopies of your credit cards. Also remember to have emergency telephone numbers with you should you need
to contact your bank/ credit card company in the event of theft or loss (these numbers can be obtained from your bank/ building society).

Credit card companies that have tel. numbers here:

Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, tel. 272 771 111
American Express, tel. 222 800 222
Diners Club, tel. 267 197 450

Postal services

The main post office is at:

Jindrisska 14, Prague 1, tel. 221 131 111 (open 07:00 – 20:00), very close to Wenceslas Square and Mustek metro station

Telephone Cards

Public telephones accept either phone cards or coins. Phone cards are perhaps the simplest payment method to use. They may be purchased at newsagents and tobacconists.

Internet Café’s

Bohemia Bagel, Ujezd 16 and Masna 2, Prague 1

PG Cyber Café, Village Cinemas, Andel, Prague 5, tel.

Internet Café Prague, Narodni 25 and Liliova 18

Internet and Tea, Na Prikope 25

Spika, Dlazdena 4, tel. 224 211 521,




Bohemia Bagel, Ujezd 16 and Masna 2, Prague 1

PG Cyber Café, Village Cinemas, Andel, Prague 5, tel.

Internet Café Prague, Narodni 25 and Liliova 18

Internet and Tea, Na Prikope 25

Spika, Dlazdena 4, tel. 224 211 521,

Public Transport

Trams and the Prague Metro are the two public transport options.

Tickets, that are interchangeable between both forms of transport, may be purchased from vending machines located in the entrances to metro stations or newsstands throughout the city. Tickets are valid for time durations of usually 15 mins (this ticket is non-transferable!) or 60 mins (during the daytime) or 90 mins (during the night). Once you have purchased your ticket you'll need to validate it either BEFORE boarding the Metro by having it stamped by the yellow boxes at the entrance OR as soon as you board a tram again using one of the yellow boxes.

Useful web-sites about Prague’s integrated transport system can be found on and on the official Prague tourist information web-site:

Metro Information: tel. 296 191 817

Be aware that ticket inspectors may wish to examine your ticket to check its validity. If you do not have a ‘stamped’ or appropriate ticket you will be fined.

Departure/ Arrival Info Trains, tel. 221 111 122,

Buses, tel. 900 144 444 (domestic), 224 210 221 (international)

Flights, tel. 220 113 321 or 220 113 314


Taxis in Prague are safe and can be found at taxi ranks or hailed in the street. Please check that the taxi has a yellow illuminated sign and contact details. DO NOT use an unmarked car. Also, get a quote from the driver before beginning the journey. Below is a list of reliable taxi companies:

AAA tel. 233 113 311 or 14014

Profi Taxi tel. 261 314 151

Public Holidays

01/ 01 New Years Day/ Independence of the Czech State
Mar – Apr Easter
01/ 05 May Day
08/ 05 Liberation Day
05/ 07 St. Cyril and St. Methodius
06/ 07 Burning of Jan Hus
28/ 09 Czech Statehood Day
28/ 10 Ind. Czechoslovakia Day
17/ 11 Fight for Freedom
24/ 12 Christmas Eve
25/ 12 Christmas Day
26/ 12 Boxing Day


The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown. You can find it displayed as ‘Kc’ or ‘CZK’.

Currency Exchange Offices

Exchange booths can be found all over the city especially around the ‘tourist areas’. Also there are plenty of ATMs in the city, and as many modern day cards can be used world-wide, this is probably the easiest way to obtain local cash.

Local Time

GMT +01:00


The spoken language in the Czech Republic is Czech. English tends to be spoken by service staff and younger people. Otherwise German speakers are quite common.


220 V/AC

Drinking water

The water supply in Prague is safe to drink, however you may prefer bottled water for reasons of taste.

Shopping hours

In the city centre shops mainly open from 09:00 until 20:00 (7 days). You will always find a 24 hour Potraviny or food store open somewhere in your neighbourhood.


Generally, in restaurants, for example, 10% is the norm and is expected.


Students may obtain discounts at museums etc. when showing their International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Therefore it’s well worth having it with you.

Crime and pickpockets

Common sense must prevail here. The Czech Republic is a safe country to travel in. However, be aware of your surroundings and

take extra care when walking around at night. Always keep wallets and purses out of sight particularly whilst travelling by public transport. Avoid poorly lit areas and suspicious looking individuals.


Please check BEFORE you come to Prague with the Czech embassy in your country if you require a VISA to enter the Czech Republic.


Visitors who DON’T require a VISA:

EU nationals must have a passport valid for the length of their stay.

Non EU nationals require at least 3 months validity remaining on their passport.

For visitors who DO require a VISA:

90 day VISA: passport must have at least 9 months remaining.

90+ day VISA: passport must have at least 15 months remaining.

Tourist Services

For information regarding excursions, cultural events or anything else please call us on:

(+420) 251 019 360

OR e-mail us at:

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