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Prague Galleries:
Art for Sale

Jakubska 4 Prague 1, Tel: 223 27 210
Daily: 10.00-20.00
For serious art collectors this small but diverse gallery specializes in impressionistic paintings by Eastern European artists.

Jakubska 8, Prague 1, Tel: 222 236 796
Mon-Fri: 10.00-18.00, Sat: 10.00-16.00
This gallery specializes whimsical art, pictures and paintings of Prague and other graphic art which is youthful and humorous. The ceramic goods for sale are original and comical. Also available, brass jewelry, enamelled mugs, handpainted clocks,lucky stones, unique handicrafts and not too pricey.

Jansky Vrsek 8, Prague 1
Mon-Sun: 11.00-19.00
Art Deco lovers will think they arrived in Art Deco heaven. Choose from many examples of the turn-of-the-century style which is characterized by geometric shapes and sleek, stylized ornamentation. Both originals and reproductions are on sale and the selection includes glassware, jewelry, bronze figurines and graphics.

Zlatnicka 10, Prague 1
Mon-Sun: 11.00-19.00
This Scandinavian-themed cafe showcases artwork curated by the Scandinavian House. Usually this means artists from Norway, Sweden or Denmark but also Czech artists in some way influenced by Scandinavia. The exhibits are varied and have included photography, textiles, surreal metaphysical painting and landscapes. For more information visit the web-sites of Scandinavian House or Cafe Nordica.

Liliova 3, Prague 1
Mon-Sun: 11.00-18.00
The artwork on display and for sale at Krasna Pana (which means 'beautiful woman') is an inspired collection which features different artists all the time. The works are contemporary and geared towards more serious collectors and art appreciators. Artists whose work is exhibited are primarily Czech and Slovak.

Bilkova 2, Prague 1 Tel: 224 812 656
Mon-Sun: 11.00-19.00
There is evidence everywhere you look in Prague that Czechs adore the female form. If you can't get enough of it either this gallery is perfect for you. The art here isn't exaclty high-brow collection-worthy masterpieces... but if you'd rather invest in a nude than an abstract masterpiece get your wallet out.

Tynska 19, Prague 1
This gallery sells good quality paintings for reasonable prices. Originals by Lena Latynova are on sale here. You can also stock up on souvenirs made of wood, glass and ceramics. Everything here is hand made including the original dolls.

Palackeho 11, Prague 1, Tel: 224 947 381
Mon-Fri: 10.00-18.00, Sat: 10.00-15.00
Impossible to pronounce, impossible to resist! This shop is a branch of 'Modra' listed above and carries many of the same sorts of little handmade pieces whose primary artistic purpose is to charm and delight. A little something for everyone and the price is right.

Biskupsky dvur 6, Prague 1, Tel: 222 311 092
Tue-Fri:12.00-18.00, Sat: 11.00-18.00
This gallery is doing a lot to get the contemporary Czech art market on the world scene. Art exhibited and for sale includes international artists and the very best of local talent. A serious gallery, Jiri Svestka specializes in Classical Modernism and the Old Masters.

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