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About Hostels and Hotels

Since the end of the communist regime, millions of tourists have come to Prague. This enormous number of visitors demands a well-organised hotel and hostel system. If you have comments (good or bad) about the place where you have stayed, we would very much like your comments. You can send us an E-mail to This would be of great help to us, so we can improve our information service.

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Hotel Categories

The categories reflect our own opinion, based on our own standards. They may differ from the "official" categories. We know from experience what kind of service each hotel can offer.

1 Star 
A simple hotel with very few facilities. Suitable for guest who are more interested in the attractions of Prague than the comfort of the hotel. Usually the shower and toilet is in the corridor.

2 Star 
Nice hotels with simple facilities, but no little touches like hairdryers or minibars. The rooms usually have bath and toilet in the corridor, but it is also possible to get rooms with private bathroom and toilet (apartment hotel).

3 Star 
Good hotels with a good range of facilities and a high service level. Rooms come with private bathroom and toilet, but the furniture not be the newest style, or perhaps the walls could use some paint.

4 Star 
Very good and luxurious hotels with many facilities and a high level of service, like room service or currency exchange. Rooms have private bathrooms, satellite TV and safety deposit boxes.

5 Star 
These are among the best and most luxurious hotels in the city with outstanding service and facilities. To be at this level they usually have at least one excellent restaurant, very comfortable and good looking interiors, and be well equipped technically, for example Internet access or electronic card key security, as well as air conditioning.

If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.