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Internet Cafes

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The Globe
Pstrosova, Prague 1


The Globe is an excellent bookstore and one of the few that carries an extensive selection of English books. Many travellers and expatriates frequent the Globe for its atmosphere and great sandwiches. It's a good place to spend a rainy day sipping one of their famously giant cappuccinos.

Jungmannova 32, Prague 1



The central location of this Internet cafe makes it convenient. Jungmannova Plaza is in a pedestrianised zone close to the Mustek metro station.

Dlazdena 4, Prague 1



A popular, welcoming place where you're likely to meet other travellers also checking their e-mail. The photo to the left is of their cafe. Spika is the czech word for the '@' symbol.

Bohemia Bagel
Masna 2 & Ujezd 16, Prague 1



There are 2 'Bohemia Bagels' in Prague and both locations have good quality PCs and reasonable prices. Plus you can get a bottomless cup of Ebel coffee - the coffee voted most likely to satisfy an American coffee fanatic.


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