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Czech Designers

One thing almost everyone notices about Czechs is that they look good. They take great pride in wearing nice clothes and rarely do you see someone with a tear, a stain or creases. If there's a stray hair stuck to your shirt they'll come right up and remove it! This sense of style is evident in the various fashion boutiques around the city.

Jecna 35
Prague 2
Tel: 224 942 023

Czech designer Martina Nevarilova creates some of the best original Czech fashions today. Her main lines consist of knitwear, which is what you will find in her boutique. She does some truly inventive things with yarn. And if you're on the prowl for something truly unique to wear, you won't be disappointed.

Dusni 1
Prague 1
Tel: 224 813 723

When Czech fashion designers Tatiana Kovarikova and Lucie Blazkova joined forces and opened this boutique a great contribution was made to the world of Czech couture. They produce their clothing only in small collections, so any one of the pieces on sale is likely to be a one-off.

Dusni 8
Prague 1
Tel: 224 813 840

Yet another designer boutique in Prague showcasing the creations of its founders Hana and Jan Stocklassa. This team creates women's fashions in knits primarily, but you will also find shirts and trousers. They make some very interesting items using leather and suede as well.

V Kolkovne 1
Prague 1
Tel: 222 327 358

Alexandra Pavalova and Ivana Safrankova joined forces and began turning out fashions under the name 'Timoure et Group'. The results are a younger, fresher look and a lot more fun than some of the other more sophisticated (but less imaginative) lines being produced locally.

Klara Nademlynska
Dlouha 7
Prague 1
Tel: 224 818 769

"The clothes must make woman beautiful and feel good to be woman" says Klara the owner and designer. For those who agree, you'll enjoy exploring her shop on Dlouha. Her vision involves simple styles made of clean lines, high class materials in unusual combinations with hand finishing.

Helena Fejkova
Stepanska 61 -
Lucerna Pasaz
Prague 1
Tel: 222 211 514

Helena Fejkova aims for simple, clean lines and wants to provide her customers with comfortable luxury at affordable prices. Again it can be said that the pieces created by this Czech woman are excellent examples of Czech style: tasteful, high quality and created with the customer in mind. They are not quite like anything you'd find elsewhere but still something you can wear comfortably in any environment.

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