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Bohemian Crystal Decanter

The Czech Republic has long been a leading producer of glassware because of its brilliant colours, the quality of the craftsmanship and the purity of the materials. From little antique beads to enormous chandeliers, Czech glass is highly prized around the world. Most shops will ship items anywhere. If you're interested in buying crystal your best option is to go on the 'Bohemian Glass Factory Tour' offered by CoDan Agentrua, click here for details. At the factory you can watch the entire glass making process which is in itself fascinating and later purchase pieces from the facory shop at a discounted price.




Vodickova 28
Prague 1
tel: 224 162 586

Bohemian glass, porcelain, jewellery and other speciality items can be packed and shipped directly from this shop.

Karlovarský Porcelán
Parizska 12
Prague 1
tel: 224 811 023

Some of the best pieces from the 21,000 tons of decorative and domestic porcelain that are produced annually in Karlovy Vary are on display in this high quality shop.

Kpt. Jarose 19,
360 00 Karlovy Vary
tel: (35)1741 6111

This is the most famous glass factory in the Czech Republic and has royalty and diplomats among its customers. The factory was founded in 1857 and became very quickly famous for making the world’s finest unleaded glass.



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