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Outdoor Markets


From little wooden stalls set up around the Old Town Square to sprawling markets with cheap imitation designer clothes you will find outdoor markets in various locations throughout the city. Some of them are very tourist orientated, especially those in the centre, and might seem a bit tacky but it's possible to find a good deal now and again.

There are also markets that appear occasionally, most notably at Christmas, especially in the Old Town and Wenceslas Squares. They sell items such as souvenirs, seasonal food and drink and wooden toys. You will also find Christmas cribs with live animals and entertainment throughout the day.

Havel’s Market
Prague 1

The most popular central Prague market located on a short street that runs at right angles to Melantrichova Street, the main route connecting the Old Town and Wenceslas Squares.

Charles Bridge
Prague 1

The best known bridge in Central Europe has stalls offering an assortment of crafts, jewellery, paintings and hand-made goods. Some of the artists here will paint your portrait.

Prazská Trznice
Prague 7

Prague’s largest outdoor market. This is a vast network of kiosks with vendors selling an endless variety of consumer goods. Warehouse-size stores selling furniture and hardware are also found here. Produce prices are lower than in the shops but the selection is often more limited.

Pankrác Trznice
Prague 4

This market has many outdoor stands offering some of the best seasonal produce available. Inside the large aluminium warehouse you can buy dry goods, household products and electronics. Located next to Pankrac metro station it's easy to find too.

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