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Wine Shops

Wineries are quite popular in Prague for visitors and locals alike. Look for snug, little establishments called 'Vinny Sklep' which means wine cellar. The relaxed, perhaps more sophisticated atmosphere of a good winery provides a welcome change from the endless string of pubs and bars. Despite the lack of reputation as compared to, for example, French wine, there are one or two excellent wines from the Moravian vineyards, notably the 'Modry Portugal' or 'Blue Portuguese' grape' which thrives in the Moravian climate. These wines are meant to be enjoyed while young, so there's no need to be an expert on vintage or spend a small fortune. What could be more Bohemian than sharing a bottle of red over a good, stimulating conversation?

Michalská 6
Prague 1

One of a dozen or so places to pick up cheap Moravian table wine or sample many of the wines available there. The clientelle at this establishment loves drink, certainly and that is sure to result in some jovial evenings, even for a foreigner.

Stepánska 61
Prague 1
Tel: 242 10979

One of the first Prague shops to thoroughly organize and collect Moravian wines. Cellarius is an excellent place to pick up some interesting ones that are rarely available in Prague. International wines are less of a sure thing here however.

Vinarického 6
Prague 2
tel: 295 342

A classy wine merchant patronized by the Prague elite, Dionysos has a respectable range of foreign wines but specializes in top quality local production including older vintages. The staff, who know and love their wines, will guide you through the shelves.

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