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Old Town Square

This historical treasure of Prague sits amongst a maze of narrow cobbled streets. Located between the Vltava River and the Wenceslas Square, it is one of the main draws for visitors to the city. It's ancient, well preserved buildings, many of them UNESCO protected, provide many of the images you will see in books about Prague.

Throughout the centuries the Old Town Square has been used for trading and entertainment and has witnessed many of the capitals important events. For example, on 8th May 1945 a large part of the town hall was destroyed by German tanks as they left the city defeated. The remains lie as a reminder of this cruel act.

The huge Jan Hus statue is the centrepiece of the Square. It was erected on July 6th 1915 to mark the 500th anniversary of the reformer’s death. The groundswell of supporters for his beliefs during the 14th & 15th centuries eventually led to the Hussite wars. Despite the initial outcry at the modern style of the sculpture the statue stands as a symbol of Czech identity.

Today the Square is a popular space for political speeches, Christmas festivities and large public gatherings. The most notable sights here, easily viewed from the comfort of one of the out door cafes, are the Church of Our Lady at Tyn, with it's exquisite Gothic towers; the Astronomical Clock, a part of the town hall; the Baroque St Nikolas Church, located to the west of the Square and many buildings of the Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic styles.

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