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Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is the most frequently visited sight in Prague due to the fact that it houses the beautiful Astronomical Clock. It was built in 1338 but was badly damaged by a Nazi tank when the Germans left the city in 1945. Rather than rebuild it, it was simply patched up and a plaque was erected as a reminder of this act of vandalism.

Today the Town Hall is too small to house the current administration so it is used only for ceremonial purposes. Typical Czech weddings are frequently held here and it's also possible to climb to the top of the Clock Tower for a birds eye view of the Old Town.

The Astronomical Clock tower

The Astronomical Clock itself is surrounded by large crowds during peak hours. This is because on the hour, wooden figures of Christ and the Apostles appear from doors above the clock face. They pass by one-by-one whilst the clock is chiming. Below them the chimes are delivered by the figure of a skeleton.

The clock shows the passage of the sun and the moon through the signs of the zodiac. On another dial the time is shown in the old Czech way using the 24 hour clock. The day of the year may also be read.



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