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Church of Our Lady of Tyn

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

This Gothic church was founded in 1385 during the tumultuous period when the ‘heretic’ Hussites were slaughtered by the ruling Roman Catholics. The Catholic Jesuits then made the church their own by recasting the bell and replacing the Hussites symbolic chalice with the ten-foot figure of Mary nailed up between the towers today.

The Grave of Tycho de Brahe: The memorial burial tablet of the famous Danish astronomer Tycho de Brahe can be found in the Tyn Church. Brahe (1546 -1601) was one of the leading scientists of the time (creating astronomical tables and formulating laws on the movements of the planets) under the umbrella of Rudolf II for whom he worked after not receiving the necessary grants in Denmark. He is said to have died of a burst bladder whilst having dinner at the court of Rudolf II but apparently he really died of mercury poisoning (after one of his experiments?). There is also another theory that he may have been murdered. It is said that his body was not moved from the place of his death as protocol required that no one should leave dinner before the Emperor had finished eating . He was later buried in the Tyn Church.

You will notice that the two spires are not symmetrical. This was characteristic of Gothic architecture of the time which tried to represent both the masculine and feminine sides of the world. Hence their differences.

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