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Adult Cabarets


Prague certainly has lots to offer the 'adventure-seeking' traveller who enjoys live cabarets, private entertainment or wants an unforgettable stag night. Below are some of Prague's more famous or should that be infamous venues.


Cabaret Atlas
Ve Smeckách 31 Prague 1.
tel: 296 226 067

Large club with a rowdy atmosphere. Groups will gain entrance and there is no dress code. It's located next to Wenceslas Square which makes it pretty easy to find. In fact you are sure to be hassled by a scout who will invite you to check it out. Enjoy drinks, live shows, whirlpool action... and that's just for starters.

Night Club Fenix/Disco Astra
Václavské nám. 4 Prague 1.

The last surviving remnant of the once-great Wenceslas Square cheesy disco epoch. Lost-looking Germans and 'working girls' flop around to Top 40 tunes upstairs, while adroit Gipsy electric guitar players and strippers trade off down below in Fenix. Hang out near the bar and it's inevitable that a heavily made-up woman will slip her arm into yours.

Seifertova 3
Prague 3
22 710 7 72

One for the gay visitor to Prague. This venue has a dance club atmosphere but it's not really a venue for dancing.

Inside you will find numerous young escorts waiting around for business as the usual clientelle here consists of older males looking for the company of younger guys.

Food is offered and there is a games room with fruit machines. Sometimes there is a strip show.

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