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Nightlife in Prague

Jazz Clubs

After the sun sets it's time to experience another side of Prague. The city is hauntingly beautiful in the dark - Gothic churchtowers and Prague Castle are illuminated, the winding cobblestone streets full of mystery...and the people of Prague are serious about partying! Czechs have a liberal attitude towards drinking and smoking and nights out on the town are a great opportunity to meet interesting people be they either both locals or fellow visitors.

A word about safety: there is very little violent crime in Prague and the streets at night are relatively safe for women, even alone, compared to other countries. The biggest problem you may encounter as a single female is other tourists! Czech men are, generally speaking, respectful and helpful.

As always, watch your wallet! Males who are intoxicated and distracted by beautiful women are an easy target for pickpockets. Also, please know your limits when drinking - local beverages are often higher in alcohol than what you may be accustomed to so please be sensible. The police here don't tolerate drunk and disorderly beahaviour!

Many of Prague's biggest nightclubs and pubs are may be found on and around Wenceslas Square. Fine if you want to pay the highest prices and spend your time with fellow tourists. If on the other hand you would prefer to spend your evenings in more interesting places with the locals we recommend you go a little further afield. Even walking a few hundred yards away from Wenceslas Square you will find local pubs with much cheaper prices as well as interesting nightclubs.

Most bars and pubs open until about 01:00 during the week and 04:00 or 05:00 at weekends. Nightclubs generally stay open until 05:00. If you still want more you can find 'after parties' that go on until morning or the numerous herna bars throughout the city are normally open 24 hours.

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