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Even people who normally don't care for beer have to admit that Czech beer is simply the best. Through centuries of careful testing and happy tasting the Czechs managed to get beer brewing down to a fine art. Prague pubs are everywhere. There are more pubs in Prague than there are churches. So if you worship the golden liquid - you're in luck. Recommended beers to try: Bernard, unpasteurized and delicious; Gambrinus, easy to drink and economical; Staropramen, smooth and so refreshing: Budvar, originally called Budweiser until the Budweiser name was sold to an American and Pilsner Urquell, the famous stronger beer.

The Czechs also make some rather nice dark beers too. They're a bit sweeter, but full of flavour. Women beware: rumour has it that your cup size goes up if you drink it often





Czech Pilsner

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