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Cocktail Bars


The Czech Republic is of course known for its beer and those who don't like it visit a 'vinarna' or wine bar instead. If you'd rather sip an expertly made cocktail in a stylish bar far from the loud, smoky pubs what hope is there? Most bars can't even spell cocktail (you'll see 'coctail' everywhere) much less mix one. However, there are a select few bars in Prague that make a world-class cocktail (for a world-class price naturally.) Here are some of our favourites:

Masna 1,
Prague 1
If Hollywood is in Prague shooting a film there's a good chance the crew will be hanging out in this bar. The music is appropriately trendy and the bar staff busy but not mean. Everyone gets glammed out to come here where the rich, young and beautiful size each other up while lounging around. Many international students come here as well as the jet-setters and model wanna-bes.

Parizska 10
Prague 1

In this swanky lounge, inspired by gangsters of the 40s, you can find three Prague rarities: the perfect cocktail, delicious fresh sushi and barpersons who take great pride and care in their work as well as their customers. Bugsy's is quite pricey and totally worth it. The sophisticated ambiance is kept in check by a serious looking bouncer. The crowd is not overly pretentious but you won't find many students or backpackers.

Bond's Bar
Polska 7,
Prague 2
Get dangerous with a masterfully mixed cocktail in the swanky James Bond bar. The music is mostly lo-fi lounge and the decor is just about almost too much of a good thing but it manages to stay balanced and well thought out. Look for the eyes, they're everywhere! The best Mojito in town, some would say, can be found here as well as barpeople who do tricks and cocktail waitresses who bounce around in little red babydoll shirts.
Orlicka 8,
Prague 3
Please don't tell anyone about Hapu! We're all trying desperately to keep the tiny and unassuming cocktail bar free from crowds so we can get a table ourselves! The owners have spent neither time or money on fancy interiors but have invested in training the bar staff. Don't tell anyone you read this here, but... Hapu has the finest (and most potent) cocktails in town


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