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Nelle seguente pagina presentiamo una piccola guida la quale aiuta come muoversi a Praga; durante la visita della citta` di Praga potrebbe presentarsi Utile. Lista informazioni la quale puo essere scaricata, stampandola direttamente dal nostro sito; codesta contiene tutto cio che bisogna sapere al momento dell` arrivo a Praga, sperando che tutte queste informazioni possano servire solo per una conoscenza personale senza sperimentare un` occasione spiacevole. All` interno di questa informazioni avete modo di riscontrare che nel momento in cui si subisce unn Furto o Borseggio, o nel momento in cui si abbia bisogno di un aiuto medico, della propria Ambasciata a Praga, o magari come to cambiare la valuta nella citta` di Praga. Ringraziamo per l` attenzione e nel momento in cui abbiate bisogno di qualsiasi servizio d` interpretariato telefonate direttamente al 00420 603 213 281, un nostro assitente in madrelingua risolvera` qualsiasi genere di problema, sempre nel limite del possibile.



Documento di Importanti informazioni

Complete and printable version of Info file in Microsoft Word, click here to download.


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Local Time

GMT +01:00 (Prague, Paris)


The spoken language in the Czech Republic is Czech. In the tourist areas most people are able to speak English and/or German.


220 V/AC

Important telephone lines

Ambulance: 155
State police: 158
City Police: 156
Fire: 150
Emergency road service:
1230, 1240, 1054
Tourist in Need Hotline:1222

Lost and Found Department:
224 235 085
Directory information: 1180
Int’l directory info: 0149
Czech Rep. from abroad: ++420
Prague from outside Prague: 02

Telephone Cards

These cards have a computer chip, and are used instead of coins for public phones. They can be purchased at cigarette and newspaper stands and are available for (in Kc):
80 units, 100 units, 150 units

24-hour pharmacies

Palackeho 5, Prague 1
Tel. 224 946 982
Belgicka 37, Prague 2
Tel. 222 519 731
Soukolova 3355, Prague 4
Tel. 241 770 498
Stefanikova 6, Prague 5
Tel. 257 320 918
Heydukova 10, Prague 8
Tel. 266 082 017

Foreign medical clinics

Care Prague
Veleslavinska 1, Prague 6,
Tel. 235 360 133 or 24 hours
Tel. 724 300 301

General Health Care Cooperation
Krakovska 8, Prague 1,
Tel. 222 210 178

Health Centre Prague
Vodickova 28, Prague 1, Tel. 24 hrs 603 433 833, 603 481 361

Dental emergencies

In Prague 1, Tel. 224 946 981
(Mon-Fri 7-7, Sat-Sun 24 hrs)
In Prague 4, Tel. 241 733 918
(Mon-Fri 7-7, Sat-Sun 24 hrs)

Lost Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard & Eurocard
Tel. 272 771 111
American Express,
Tel. 222 800 222
Diners Club, Tel. 267 197 450

Postal Service
Main post office, Jindrisska 14,
Prague 1. Tel. 22113 1111
Open daily 2 AM- 12 PM
Also: Hybernska 15, Prague 1.
Tel. 222 240 271
Open daily 8 AM- 8:00 PM

Domestic postage (in Kc):
Letters, postcards up to 20g 6.50, letters up to 50g 10
International postage (in Kc):
Letters, postcards up to 20g
Europe 9
Overseas airmail 14
(Up to 10g) 12
The orange postboxes on the street are emptied every day.

Internet Cafes

Internet café’s can be found everywhere in the Prague city centre. Generally you pay between 60 and 100 Kc per hour. A few examples of big internet café's in Prague 1 with fast connections are:
- Bohemia Bagel, Ujezd 16
- Bohemia Bagel, Masna 2
- Internet Cafe Prague, Narodni 25
- Internet Cafe Prague, Liliova 18
- Cybeteria, Stepanska 18
- Internet & Tea, Na Prikope 25

Public Tranportation

Prague’s public transport is easy to use and you don’t have to wait long to get around.
For information about public transport, including timetables, see: or
And choose Prague Public Transport. Direct links of maps of Prague public transportation are:
Map of public transport:
Also you can visit the information offices at the following metro stations:

Muzeum (lines A and C)
Mustek (lines A and B)
Andel (line B)
Nadrazi Holesovice (line C)
Cerny Most (line B)
Metro Information
Tel. 296 191 817

Tickets prices in Kc
Transfer tickets
Persons from 15 12
Children 6-15 6
Non-transfer ticket for max. 15 min.
Persons from 15 8
Children 6-15 4
24 hour ticket 70
3 day ticket (72 hr.) 200
7 day ticket (168 hr.) 250
15 day ticket (360 hr.) 280

24 hour ticket 70
3 day ticket (72 hr.) 200
7 day ticket (168 hr.) 250
15 day ticket (360 hr.) 280

Tickets have to be stamped to be valid at the validating machines available at all metro stations or in trams and buses.

Note: You must buy and stamp an additional 8 CZK ticket if you’re transporting luggage or a dog.

Validity of tickets can be checked anytime by ticket inspectors of the Prague Public Transit co. The controller should always be able to identify him/herself by a yellow/red inspection badge designated” Dopravni podniky – prepravni kontrola” with a four digit identification number. Upon request the controller is also obliged to show her/his corporate card with a photograph and a number corresponding with that one on the badge.

Departure/Arrival info:
Trains, Tel. 221 111 122
Buses Domestic, Tel. 900 144 444
International, Tel. 224 210 221
Flights, 220 113 321 or
220 113 314 and

24 hour taxi services

AAA Tel. 233 113 311 or 14014
Halo Taxi Tel. 244 114 411
Profi Taxi Tel. 261 314 151
Radio Taxi Tel. 272 731 848

We recommend these taxi companies because they are known for honest rating. Generally the rate should be around 25 Kc per km in the city of Prague.

Public holidays

01-01 New Years Day
01-05 Labour Day
08-05 V-E Day (1945)
05-07 Jan Hus Day
06-07 Cyril Metodej Day
28-10 Foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic (1918)
17-11 Day of student uprising (1989)
24-12 Christmas
25-12 Christmas
26-12 Christmas


The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown. You can find the Czech Crown displayed like Kc or CZK.

Exchange offices

Can be found in most hotels and all around the city centre of Prague and on the airport. They exchange all common currencies.


Also banks can be found in the Prague city centre. Known banks in the Czech Republic are:

  • CSOB
  • Ceska Sporitelna
  • Komercni Banka
  • Bank of Austria

Czech staff in restaurants and bars get paid for their work so tipping is not obligatory but still expected. As general guideline 5 to 10% can be used.

Embassies & Visas

For the very latest information about visa policies, you are better off visiting the website of the Czech Foreign Ministry, and click on the English version of the site. From there you can get the latest Visa information for your country.

Drinking water

The water supply in Prague is of a good quality. It is generally considered safe to drink water from the tap.

Shopping hours

In the city centre of Prague shops and department stores are generally open from 9 AM till 8 PM every day of the week.

Crime and pickpockets

Prague is generally a safe place to be, but please be very aware at tourist spots and especially in public transport areas, as they are known as favorite pickpocket areas. We don’t want to scare you but just be aware of the fact these people want to make advantage of the fact that you’re taking a good look at the city but maybe not enough as your personal assets.

Tourist Services

For tourist services like booking tickets for cultural events, tours or others, you can visit us at: Zlatnicka 10, Praha 1. Or call at:
(00420) 251 019 360

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