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On this page we have tried to provide you with good information about the Prague transport systems and what options are available. We also have some information about the telephone system and postal service.


Honest taxi drivers can be found in Prague - well the rumour says so. According to the law the price pr. km is 12 Kc , but it is usually an advantage to fix a price on the trip before you enter the car. If you want to drive according to the taximeter be sure the display shows the number 1 before setting off. Avoid taxies in downtown Prague. If you have the feeling that you are paying too much, insist on getting a bill, or let the taxi driver drive you to the nearest police station. You can also call no. 2491 6666, if you feel you have been cheated.


Train Station

Hlavní nádrazí (Main Train Station),
Information: 24 61 51 08
Reservation: 24 21 76 54
metro: Hlavní nádrazí.

Nádrazí Holesovice, Tel: 24 61 58 65
(Departure to other countries: Berlin, Vienna etc.)

Smíchovské nádrazí, Tel: 24 61 50 86
(Departure to among others Karstein)

Masarykovo nádrazí, Tel: 24 22 42 00
(Departure to many Czech and Slovak cities)



The Airport is situated in Prague suburban Ruzyne (about 20 km. from the centre). The airport information phone number is 36 78 14. Tickets and reservations are also possible from Revolucni 1, Prague 1, no. 24806225 or 24806302.

Bus no. 119 drives every 15 min. from Dejvická metro station to the airport and back and costs a 10kc tickets. If you take a taxi it would normally cost about 350 Kc, but consider yourself lucky if you get off with less than 500 Kc.

Telephone no. on various airlines.

Air France: 24 22 71 64
Australian Airlines: 23 13 378
British Airways: 23 29 040
Delta: 26 71 41
El Al: 24 21 73 49
KLM: 24 22 86 78
Lufthansa: 24 81 10 07
SAS: 24 21 47 49
Swissair: 24 81 21 11


Post office

The main post office is situated on Jindrisská 14 (a side street to Václavské námesti) and is open 24 hours a day. Postcards, stamps can be purchased, fax and telegrams, can be send from here. Orange mail boxes are found on every street corner, from which postcards and letters can be sent.


Telephone system/Country codes

The Czech phone system is not the best in the world. Disconnection's happen so often, that the Czechs do not even notice anymore. We are assured the system is improving so in time, we hope, it will work like a dream come true.

International calls can be made from the main post office from 7 a.m. to 23 p.m. Almost all of the street phone booths accept phone cards. A phone card can be bought at the main post office and at the small Tabak shops. The cards come in 50, 100, and 400 units and are priced respectively 100, 200, and 400 Kc.

Canada  001  price pr. minute in Kc 50.00
Denmark 0045           -            25.00
UK      0044           -            31.00
France  0033           -            25.00
Holland 0031           -            25.00
Italy   0039           -            42.00
Germany 0049           -            21.00
USA     001            -            50.00
Austria 0043           -            21.00

Private bureau's offer cheaper rates (look in Prague Post (40 Kc) for these services) .


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