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To Dine Out in Prague

To dine out in Prague should be an experience. Some restaurants/cafés offer a good service, while other have not been able to adjust to the free market. We hope to be able to give as comprehensive information as possible about places to eat, so it is important to update the home page continuously. We are therefore grateful for information about restaurants/cafés which according to your opinion are worth mentioning, new places, old places, service, opening hours etc, so other visitors can gain from your knowledge. Please email information to The quoted prices are to be seen as an average.

The government has placed a tax of 23% on restaurants, which must be included in the price. If a waiter tries to put the 23% on top of your bill, complain to the manager, although it seldom helps. Particularly if you can not communicate in Czech. In some tourist areas restaurants have 2 menus, one for Czech and one for tourists. If there is no menu, go somewhere else. If the menu have no prices, ask for them. Do not let the language barrier be a problem. The waiters know exactly what you are ask about.

Tips are always appreciated although not traditional here. But this is changing with the new market system. Around 10-15% is enough.

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