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Crystal and craft

  Caesar Crystal
  Jihlavské Sklárny
  Sklo Bohemia
  Drevené Hracky
  Karlovarský Porcelán
  Obchod U Saska
  Obchod Loutkami

Bohemia and Prague are famous for their glassware, and finding beautiful pieces is very easy. Many of the shops offer delivery to your hotel, or to your home, if you don't want the trouble transporting yourself. Bohemia crystal is primarily famous because of its brilliant colours, craftsmanship and fine cutting and blowing.

You will have to spend at bit of time looking around at the smaller shops away from the main tourist routes, if you are looking for crystal at bargain prices. Other possibilities are to visit the factory stores. The disadvantage is that you will have to travel and that the selection is limited to the particular line of the factory. If you choose to visit Karlsstejn, we can recommend that you take a look at the glassware shops near the castle, as they often have some nice bargains.

Caesar Crystal
Sklárna Josefodiol,
Svétlá nad Sázavou
tel: 451 52201

Produces reprocessed glass which is known for its rich colours an dramatic cuts. The factory was founded in 1861.

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Vodickova 28, Prague 1
tel: 2416 2586,

Mon - Fri, 9 am - 6 pm,
Sat, 9 am - 4 pm

Bohemian glass, porcelain, jewellery, and other speciality items can be packed and shipped directly from this store.

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Metro:  Stop Mustek

Jihlavské Sklárny
Antonénuv Dul,
562 02 Jihlava
tel: 66 46818

Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5:30 pm
Sat 8 am - noon

You can find this factory in Moravia. It offers a large selection of simple but elegant glassworks. The factory was founded 150 years ago.

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Kpt. Jarose 19,
360 00 Karlovy Vary
tel: 17 416111

This is the most famous glassworks in the Czech Republic and has royalty and diplomats among its customers. The factory was founded in 1857 and became very quickly famous for making the world’s finest unleaded glass.

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Sklo Bohemia
Svétlá nad Sázavou

Is the largest exporter of crystal and glass.

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Drevené Hracky
Karlova 26, Prague 1
Daily 10 am - 8:30 pm

This large shop specialises in unpainted, handmade wooden toys, including small jigsaw-cut pigs on wheels, and toddler-size rocking horses. Walk to the back of the shop for other handcrafted items, including ceramic mugs and candleholders.>

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Metro:  Stop Mustek

Karlovarský Porcelán
Parízská 12, Prague 1
tel: 2481 1023

Some of the best pieces from the 21,000 tons of decorative and domestic porcelain that are produced annually in Karlovy Vary are on display in this high quality shop.

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Metro:  Stop Staromestská

Obchod Loutkamy
Revolucní 14, Prague 1
tel: 231 1693

Mon - fri, 9 am - 6 pm

This busy shop offers what is probably the widest selection of puppets, old and new, for sale anywhere in Prague. Many kinds of puppets are available, including hand, glove, rod and marionettes. There aren’t any ventriloquist dummies, however. Obchod loutkamy isn’t cheap, but their creations are expertly made and beautifully sculpted. Hundreds of characters from trolls to barmen are available.

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Metro:  Stop Malostranská

Obchod U Saska
Jilská 7, Prague 1

This small, cave looking store is one of most original puppet shops in the city. High quality. imaginatively designed clowns, ghouls, witches and other marionettes tangle in price from 5,400 Kc for a small Good Soldier Svejk to 12,000 Kc for an evil looking devil.

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Metro:  Stop Mustek

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