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Public Transport

The Public transport system in Prague is well developed, efficient and accessible. Travellers from the west will be surprised at how cheap it will be for them. The system is based upon Metro, Trams and buses. Every corner of the city can be reached by one of the 3 forms of transport. Buses tend to be used for the more inaccessible areas whereas Metro and Trams are sufficient for all central places.

For information about public transport, including timetables, see: or And choose Prague Public Transport. Direct links of maps of Prague public transportation are:

Map of public transport: Also you can visit the information offices at the following metro stations:

Muzeum (lines A and C) Tel. 22640103
Mustek (lines A and B) Tel. 22646350
Andel (line B) Tel. 2264 6055
Nadrazi Holesovice (line C) Tel. 806790
Cerny Most (line B) Tel. 22647450
Departure/Arrival info: Trains, Tel. 24224200 and

Where to buy your tickets Trams Ticket cops Beware
Ticket prices Buses Parking Prague Airport
Metro Transport and luggage Traffic regulations


Prague Airport:

Prague’s only Airport, Ruzyne, has been recently expanded and is about 20 km north-west of the centre, and is not directly accessible by metro or tram.

For information in English on arrivals and departures call 2011 3314, for other airport information call 2011 3321.

Airport taxis are regulated but often charge illegally high prices. The charge for a 25-30 minutes trip should not exceed 300 Kc, which is usually enough to getting to the city centre. Alternatively, you may try calling to one of local taxi services to fetch you.

Express Bus:
Two express buses run every half an hour from the airport into town, first stopping in Prague 6 at Dejvicka metro - the end station on the green Line A - and then to the Revolucni Trida in Prague 1. The express buses are quick and cheap at 15 Kc for the 20-minute ride to the Dejvicka and 30 Kc for the 35-minute ride to the Revolucni Trida. Night bus 510 goes from the airport to Divoka Sarka, where you can catch night tram 51 to the centre.

Local Bus:
Two local buses run from the airport to metro stations about every 20 minutes from 5 a.m. to midnight. Bus 119 runs from the airport to Dejvicka metro station (green Line A) and bus 179 goes to Nove Butovice metro (yellow Line B). This is the cheapest but also the slowest alternative. If you have a lot of luggage, you will have to buy extra tickets for your bags. The buses depart from the stands in front of the arrivals hall. There you&rsquot;ll also find find orange public ticket machines, which work from change.


Where to buy your tickets

Tickets can be purchased from the following places:

-News stands
-Tabacco shops (Tabak)
-Metro Stations- Transport centre
-Selected grocery shops (Potraviny)
-Sometimes in hotels and travel agents
-Ticket machines found in selected areas usually in the vicinity of the Metro Stations but sometimes can be found in department shops Re Tesco.

Prepare yourself with a good collection of tickets as it is difficult to find places that sell tickets at night and on Sundays.



Several forms of tickets are available depending on the distance and time you expect to spend on the system. Tickets can include a single journey without possibility to change onto another form of transport (e.g from metro to tram) or for an extra charge, the option of changing. Ticket are used for all 3 types of Public transport.

Please note that prices are in Czech korunas.

Single tickets






Person over 15 years


Child from 6 to 15 years of age

transfer ticket




no change ticket for 15 minutes




tickets for transporting luggage




Long term season tickets


Person over 15 years

Child from 6 to 15 years of age


















Short term season tickets

transfer ticket for 24 hours


transfer ticket for 72 hours


transfer ticket for 7 days


transfer ticket for 15 days




The Metro is very cheap, efficient and fast. The metro is divided into 3 lines A,B,C, respectively green, yellow and red. The metro starts at 5 o´clock in the morning and the last departure is around midnight. Tickets, for a single adults, cost 8 Kc and are valid for a single trip (only 4 stations). The ticket is still valid if you change to another metro line, but if you change to bus or tram another ticket must be purchased.



Trams are surprisingly able to keep to time and if the timetable lists a particular interval the chances are that it will arrive as scheduled. Occasionally trams do get diverted across a different route and can catch out the unsuspecting traveller. Again there will be no ticket collector. Simply have your ticket stamped by the machine just inside the doors. Trams drive on every larger road and generally they stop at the metro lines. After midnight the night-trams drive about every 40th minute.

Tram no. 91 is the historical tram, which passes by almost every historical attraction in Prague, except for the castle. The round-trip lasts about 1 hour and costs 10 Kc for adults and 5 Kc for children


Persons with luggage or prams are advised to enter at the back of the tram.


Buses are used where there are no trams and follow the same ticket procedure as trams.


Transport of Luggage

You will have to buy a change ticket at 5 Kc. if you want to transport luggage larger than 25x45x70 cm, a bar longer than 150 cm, a board larger than 100x100x5 cm, an empty baby pram, a dog without box (excluding metro), and a bicycle in metro. Tickets of all type entitle the holder to transport free of charge one of the items subjected to the above mentioned charge.


Traffic Cops- The Honour System:

No-one will take your tickets as you enter a tram, bus or metro. This does not mean that you will get away with not buying a ticket. Sooner or later the under cover inspectors will ask to see your ticket. Be prepared to pay a 400 crown fee if you do not have a ticket and if you do not pay they might just drag you off to the Police Station.



There are very few places in the centre of Prague available for parking and it is not wise to break the rules as the penalties are steep - you will find your car clamped to the spot - ring 158 to find out if it has been towed or stolen., the fine is hefty. Most parking is reserved for office or residential parking but there are a few underground garages available for a fee - one is underneath the National Theatre and another at Namesti Republiky - Prices can be up to 500Kc a day. Other parking is available outside Prague for example at Letna Park (buses and cars) were a fee should be paid but it is within close walking distance to the Old town. Please lock up you car and don’t forget to put on your alarm, car theft is common and especially for foreign cars. If you are staying in an apartment for a period of time a short term Parking permit can be obtained at the nearest police station. Permits are also available for the disabled here.


Traffic Regulations:

Traffic regulations in the Czech Republic are almost identical to those in most European countries. Drivers are not allowed to drink alcohol before and when driving. Safety belts must be used at all times. Motorcycle drivers and their passengers must use crash helmets. All accidents which result in death or injury or obvious damage to the vehicle must be reported to the police.

Persons under 12 years of age and under 150 cm of height are not allowed to sit in the front seat next to the driver.

The maximum speed limit for cars and buses up to the total weight of 3,500 kg is 90 km/h on roads and 130 km/hr on highways. The limit of 90 km/h applies to motorcycles and the limit of 80 ~ to other motor vehicles. The maximum speed limit in built-up areas is 50 km/hr including night time.

In Prague and in a number of other towns there are resident only parking zones. Please park only outside these zones. Otherwise your vehicle may be towed away or clamped. Look for guarded parking areas and closed car parks, lock your vehicle when leaving and do not leave anything inside the vehicle which might attract undue attention.

Tolls at motorways and dual carriageways are collected in the Czech Republic. Payment of the toll is indicated by a label on the front screen of the vehicle. Labels can be purchased at post offices, at all major border crossings, at selected petrol stations and in other facilities for motorists.



Unfortunately the transport system is one of the prime targets of pickpockets and thieves. Do not believe you are immune. The pickpockets will not care whether you are aware or not. They can catch you at any moment and often under your very eyes. The most common method is for a gang of women to crowd the entrance to the tram and cause a squeezing congestion. Even if you feel the hand of the pickpocket and yell they will hang on to your wallet and still get away with it. As the tram leaves they will simply laugh at you. The best thing to do is not to carry large sums of money or if you do store it in an inaccessible pocket. Hand bags are PRIME Targets so make sure there are no valuables. After the Opera late at night or after a movie are times to be aware. Also take care in crowded tourist areas


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