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Car Rental

Car renting in the Czech Republic can be very complicated. In most cases it is only possible to rent a car if you have a credit card. Alternatively you are required to pay a deposit that varies from 8,000 CZK to 50,000 CZK depending on your destination, and duration of the rent.

You also have to look very carefully at the insurance. If the rental is cheap it may be because your own risk is high, but you may also end up having to pay for a part of a car repairing, even if you have paid a high insurance. The smaller local firms may have extra obstacles, for example they may demand a Czech guarantor, or have special demands regarding citizenship.

NOTE: Most rentals also have manual transmission. It can  be difficult or expensive to get a rental car for trips to the former East-bloc, because of the risk of theft. It may also be difficult to rent a car if you are under 21 years olds and some companies requires you to be at least 25 years old.

Name/Address Daily Rates Special Requirements
A Rent Car spol. s.r.o.
Opletalova 33
110 00 Prague 1
Tel.: 2421 1587
Small Cars: 2,254 CZK
Large Cats : 2,438 CZK
Min 21 years old.
Driver license min. 1 year.
Alamo, Dvorák Rent-a-Car
Výstaviste 170 00
Prague 7
Tel.: 2010 3679
Small Cars: 1,400 CZK
Large Cars:3,700 CZK
Min 21 years.
Avis Autovermietung
E. Krásnohorské 9
110 00 Prague 1
Tel.: 231 5515
Small cars: 147 DM
Large cars: 290 DM
BE NI rent s.r.o.
Strakonická 25
150 00 Prague 5
Tel.: 53 47 11
Small Cars: 2,376 CZK
Large Cars: 4,999 CZK
Vans: 5,220 CZK
Min 21 years old.
Driver license min. 1 year.
Budget Rent-a-Car
Stresovická 49
162 00 Prague 6
Tel.: 2061 0095
Small Cars: 1,700 CZK
Large Cars: 2,500 CZK
Min. 21 years old.
Driver license min. 1 year.
CS Czechocar spol. s.r.o.
Palác Kultury
140 00 Prague 4
Tel.: 6122 2079
Small Cars: 1,470 CZK
Large Cars: 2,700 CZK
Minibus: 4,000 CZK
Min. 21 years old for small cars.
Min. 23 years old for larger cars.
Driver license min. 1 year.
Uruguayská 5
120 00 Prague 2
Tel.: 25 05 52
Small Cars: 129 DM
Medium Cars: 236 DM
Large Cars: 308 DM
Min. 21 years or 23 years old.
Double insurance for trips to Poland.
Karlovo nám. 28
100 00 Prague 2
Tel.: 29 01 22
Small Cars: 999 CZK
Large Cars: 4,500 CZK
Pick-up: 890 CZK
Min. 21 years and max. 70 years old.
Driver license min. 1 year.
West Car Praha
Veleslavinská 17
162 00 Prague 6
Tel.: 316 6552
Small Cars: 1,000 CZK
Large Cars: 2,000 CZK
Vans: 1,000 CZK
Specialist in long term rental.
30-40% discount for monthly rental.

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