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Le montagne di Krkonose

The name translates as Giant Mountains and is preserved as a national park. They are the highest mountains (1,602 metres) in Bohemia and fall along the borders between Poland and the Czech Republic. 80 % of the mountains are woodlands found all over the valleys and higher up the remainder formed by ice and rain into dramatic landscapes of rocks. The rocks are the inspiration behind the fantastic character Rubezahl who rules the mountains and opens the skiing season in Harrachov. The trails are marked with reliable directions and so there is little chance of losing your way. The mountains are a popular winter resort where the most popular recreation is skiing; both cross- country and downhill skiing. Spring an summer are no less interesting seasons to visit the area not only for the scenic hiking but for the historic preserved folk architecture, for example the 18th century frame work houses at Jilemnice and Pasek nad Jizerou. The museum at Jilemnice also exhibits the history of skiing in the area. The Boskovske Dolomite Caverns are another curiosity worth a visit. The caves contain the largest underground lake in the Czech Republic and unique roof and wall stalagmites.

Luoghi da visitare lungo la catena montuosa:

Harrachov: This town used to be one of the top cut glass production areas of Europe. Visit the glassworks museum. The chapel of St Anne's has a unique rarity- a glass bell dating from 1916. The town is also the site for international skiing competitions mainly the ski-jump known as the 'Turne Bohemia'

Spindleruv Mlyn: This is a mountain town perfect for skiing lovers. The season begins each year with sledding before opening up to the skiing. The town is fitted with all the skiing facilities, ski-lifts etc.

Vitkovice: Another mountain village with plenty of space and nature for hiking and a good place also for the skiing season. This town boasts a horse-breeding farm with the only breed of mountain horse. Horse riding can be arranged here.

Janske Lazne: This small town is known for its' 30 "Radon springs" (the water contains small amounts of Radium) found to be effective for the treatment of nervous disorders and other physical ailments. The town also has a ski-jump and sled track.

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