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Club e concerti di musica Rock, folk e disco a Praga

  Karlovy Lázne
  Rock Café
  U Zlatého Stromu

There is plenty of opportunities in Prague if you like rock or folk music. Some Prague clubs have live concerts almost every night while others only offer concerts in the weekend. Visit our Prague Performance Guide! if you want to know what is going on in Prague when you visit Prague. If you have comments to any of the Prague clubs below - good or bad, or if you found a cool place in Prague we don't know about, please send us an e-mail. Our e-mail is

Václavské nám. 21,
Prague 1
tel: 2423 5793

Daily, 9 pm - 3 am
Entrance 100 Kc.
Buffed bodies and microdresses undulate before three levels of glass walls, all of them offering breathtaking views of Wenceslas Square. Entry, drinks and cruising soon add up; the music is neither live nor anywhere near cutting-edge; and the bar staff are too busy primping to worry about competent mixing. Still, the cappuccino is hot and so is the action. So hot, in fact, you might need to chill on the penthouse terrace.
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Metro:  Mustek.
Tram:  3, 9, 14, 24 - stop Václavské nám

Karlovy Lázne
Novotného lávka,
Prague 1
tel: 2222 0502

This music club has four floors and on each floor is situated a different club with a different music style. There are altogether four clubs (four floors) - MCM Café, Paradogs, Kaleidoskop, Discotheque for which you pay only one entry fee. Sometimes you must pay an extra one for entering Paradogs when there is some special program.

MCM CAFE (Daily from 10 p.m.)

Life concerts, jazz, band revivals, rock. Missing the atmosphere of a real rock club or smaller clubs. If you want a real rock then Lucerna music bar or Futurum are better choices

DISCOTHEQUE (Daily from 9 p.m.)

Dance, songs from the 80's and 90's, life DJ. If you like discotheque then you might go there, but don't expect any miracles. The beer is nasty there, too.

PARADOGS (Daily from 9 p.m.)

Some great and famous DJ's are performing there, (DJ-s Geer, James, Kavalier, Dan Cooley) techno, trance,electronic music, drum'n'bass- comparable to Roxy. Definitely the best of all four. Chose the right day and you won't feel any remorse for the money you paid.

KALEIDOSKOP (Daily from 9 p.m.)

Dance, best of 70's or 80's. Quite interesting interior, good sound, but still if you are above 20 it won't be any fun for you hopping there among all those teenagers.

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Metro: Stop Staromestská
Tram: 17, 18 - stop Staromestská.

Radost / FX
Belehradská 120,
Prague 2
tel: 2425 4776

Daily, 11:30 pm - 6 am
Entrance 80-150 Kc.
One of two best music clubs in Prague, featuring house, techno, drum'n'bass, breakbeat and skunkrock. An elaborately decorated club with lots of little alcoves for chilling in: a credible veggie café, a spaced-out backroom lounge with an art gallery, and a small but cute club downstairs. A steady supply of the local stars of house and techno mixing, and it boasts one of the best Sunday brunches around.
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Metro:  I. P. Pavlova
Tram:  4, 6, 11, 16, 22, 23 - stop I. P. Pavlova

Rock Café
Národní Třída 20,
Prague 1
tel: 2491 4416

Mo - Fr, 10 pm - 6 am
Sa - Su, 8 pm - 3 am
Entrance 50-100 Kc.
This was once a fairly respected rock-n-roll joint. These days it's been bequeathed to tourists and out-of-touch Czechs, but the interior is still worth a look. It tends to attract the countless Czech 'revival' bands who cover everyone from ABBA to the Velvet Underground. For some reason, there are endless screenings of rock documentaries by day.
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Metro: Národní Třída.
Tram:  6, 9, 18, 22, 23 - Národní Třída

Dlouhá 33, Prague 1
tel: 2481 0951

Mo-Sa, noon - midnight
Su, 5 pm - midnight
Club: Daily, 8 pm - late.
Entrance 50-250 Kc.
Still bucking the disco pack after all these years, the Roxy remains a proud, semi-legal, local shrine to the best in techno, house, drum 'n' bass, jungle and trance music. With DJs imported from Berlin and London, bizarre cabaret menageries, a hidden tea-room and vastly improved sound and light systems, this former movie house also enchants with its cratered dancefloor and balcony bar. The summer Alternativa festival, also held here, is an excellent showcase of local fringe rock.
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Metro:  Námestí Republiky
Tram:  5, 14, 26 - stop Dlouha trida

U Zlatého Stromu
Karlova 6, Prague 1
tel: 2422 1385.

Non-stop, entrance 50 Kc.
One of the strangest combinations in the Old Town area: a non-stop disco, striptease, bar, restaurant and hotel a few metres from Charles Bridge. Descend into the stone cellar labyrinth of bad pop and softcore strippers, and you’ll end up in a peaceful outdoor garden or a cosy nook for conversing. The upstairs café has a full menu plus coffee and drinks. Make no mistake, though: it's 100 per cent tourist and the staff are uncompromisingly Neanderthal.
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